Capturing Family Photos Is My Job, Someone Pinch Me!

So apparently capturing family photos is what I do for a living. Is this real life? Someone pinch me!!

Every time I get behind my camera, I get to create a memory. A memory that will be cherished forever, generation after generation. It’s incredible!

If you’re debating doing a session, I say give it a shot before you decide against it. You may just realize that it was worth it after all.

To give you an idea of what a family session with me looks like, check out some of my favorite images from a recent session I had.

Warning: After the photos, you will find an unexpected inspirational speech about making your dreams a reality!

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Am I the only one in love with these beautiful moments? This is exactly why I love photography, because it allows us to freeze memories like these.

So grateful to get to call this my “job”.

On that note… here’s the inspiration speech part I warned you about.

If you’re finding yourself going to work everyday unhappy and unsatisfied, stop for a second and think: what if I knew for sure this was my last year on earth, is this how I would want my story to end?

A little dark and dramatic – sorry – but the point is, you deserve to live NOW and not LATER.

You know that theory that we need to work hard now so that life can be easy “once we retire”. We’ve all heard it and we’ve all agreed that it’s the wrong thing to do, yet we don’t change anything we’re doing because living the safe way is all we know.

But who said that living safe means being unhappy and unsatisfied? That is NOT a fair lifestyle.

I want to encourage you now to take a chance on YOU. Do that thing you’ve been waiting to do. “Now is just not the right time” is not a valid reason not to start. The only thing you need is your will power. Baby steps, one a time. Start by believing you can and then eventually, you will!! Just keep going and don’t stop until you reach your goal.

It doesn’t matter if the other things don’t align. Just work on your life, your dreams, your goals. The rest will work itself out. It just has to because life goes on. Things – will – work – out! One way or another.

Wake up wanting to conquer each day. If I can help you get there with some words of encouragement, email me at!

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