I Got To Take Family Photos At Philippe Park For These Beautiful People!

Taking Family Photos At Philippe Park

I love meeting new clients, but when they are friends of friends it’s even better because it’s like the connection comes around full circle!

When we got to Philippe Park for this for session, we decided we would drive around to a few different spots to try and get different backgrounds. While the park is pretty big (and incredibly gorgeous) the whole driving thing became a little joke…  it got to a point where we would get in the car, drive 15 seconds and then pull over because the perfect backdrops were all around us (and much closer to each other than I though each time – lol!!) But hey – 15 seconds of AC is better than no seconds of AC! 🙂

Check out some of my favorites below – there were SO many, it was so hard to narrow it down!! ENJOY!!

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PreviewNicoleCors_46 PreviewNicoleCors_45 PreviewNicoleCors_44

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PreviewNicoleCors_33 PreviewNicoleCors_32

PreviewNicoleCors_28 PreviewNicoleCors_27



So what did you think? This is one absolutely gorgeous family, right?! And let me tell you, they certainly made my job so easy! 🙂 Oh and did you notice how we sneaked in a few engagement photos? (Congrats you two!!)

For those thinking of booking with me: These images were the result of the one hour, all-inclusive package found on this page. With the all-inclusive package, the clients receive all the final, edited images from the session. There is no set number or limit. For this particular session that meant 155 photos!!!

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