Your Wife Will Love You More If You Take Photos With Her!

Doing a photo session with your wife will give the phrase “Love You More” a whole new meaning!

There’s something about photographs that us women just love and completely appreciate. Birthday? We need to take 1,000 photos! Looking cute on date night? We need to take 10,000 photos! Family vacation? We need to take 100,000 photos! Photos are just important no matter the occasion!

Then there’s men. Sure, some men also appreciate photography – especially those that are actually photographers for a living… but the average man is probably perfectly content with one or two photos (unless they’re having a good hair day – lol!!)

So when I see a man agreeing to do a romantic, couple photo session on the beach with his wife I just know, he’s a keeper!!

I gotta give it to them – it’s NOT easy acting all lovey dovey with your wife (or girlfriend, or fiancée) in front of a complete stranger who is telling you to “kiss her” or to “spin her around” or to do any other romantic poses… all while trying to “look natural”! But like anything else – you just have to get through the first few minutes… then as the session goes on you will get more and more comfortable – I promise!! As a result? Your wife will be SO SO happy and naturally, she will begin to love you even more – it’s a proven fact! (lol)

Isn’t that what life is all about anyway? Do something a little uncomfortable and in the end you will see beautiful results! Don’t believe me? Check out the photos below from a recent couple session! By the end of this session it was as if I wasn’t even there anymore! 🙂

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So dear husbands, next time your wife tells you “honey, can we take a photo in front of this beautiful flower?” have some fun with it, let her have her five minutes of photo time – she will literally love you a little more afterwards!!! I guarantee it! 🙂

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