Photographing Toddlers = The Best Cardio Out There!

Who Needs A Gym Memberships When Photographing Toddlers!?

As a photographer I seriously do NOT need a gym membership. Why? Because sometimes my subjects include very active toddlers, aka the sweetest, toughest trainers you’ll ever meet!

(If you’re a parent you are going “yep, I know what you mean!”)

(Oh and by the way – this is reason number 3425204343 why I love my job!)

I spent one hour on this session and boy did I get a good workout!! I have a feeling I did 500 squats, at least!  The best part is, I didn’t even notice it because I was moving around so quickly, snapping as much as possible because this little man was the cutest thing ever!

Check out some of my favorites below. As you can imagine it was tough to narrow it down to a reasonable “blog” amount of photos! Enjoy!








Family-Session_15 Family-Session_16 Family-Session_17









Family-Session_41 Family-Session_42 Family-Session_43





What did you think of these photos?! Adorable right?

If you are a parent having a hard time photographing toddlers, sit back, relax and let me do the work for you, after all it’s what I love to do!

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For those interested in booking a similar session, these images were the result of the all-inclusive package of my Family Photo Session. The session ended up producing 150 photographs, and as an all-inclusive session the family receives all 150, fully edited  images directly, without the extra proofing gallery step. (Clients who purchase packages that include only a set number of photos receive a proofing gallery in order to preview the whole session and then select whatever amount of photos they purchased with their session.)

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