Serendipity: The Session That Happened Exactly When It Should Have!

If I had to describe this session in one word it would have to be serendipity.

You see this session was booked MONTHS ago but between rainy days and Hurricane Michael, we were forced to reschedule a couple of times. Eventually, we made it to our latest reschedule date of Oct 23. The night before our shoot I checked the weather prediction and, what do you know, it said it’s supposed to rain right during our session time! So at this point, all we could do was keep our fingers crossed and hold our breath until the session start time.

Looks like the stars finally aligned for this one because once we showed up to the beach we were greeted by a perfect cool breeze and a gorgeous overcast sky. The ideal scenario for outdoor photos!

In that moment I knew, this was going to be good.  All those reschedules happened so we could end up on the beach on this exact day to achieve these exact gorgeous results! That to me is serendipity!

Before I get into the pictures, I need to share one more thing…

Just before we started, dad asked me a question “how serious is this shoot and can we use props?” I didn’t know what to expect and certainly wasn’t prepared to laugh as hard as I did after I found out what his props were!! Check out the highlights below and once you see a photo that will make you go “wait – what is going on here?” yep that is the one with dad’s special props!!! LOL!!

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Family-Photographer_6  Family-Photographer_9 Family-Photographer_12 Family-Photographer_13 Family-Photographer_14

Family-Photographer_16 Family-Photographer_18

Family-Photographer_21 Family-Photographer_22

Family-Photographer_25 Family-Photographer_26 Family-Photographer_27

Family-Photographer_32 Family-Photographer_33 Family-Photographer_34 Family-Photographer_35 Family-Photographer_36 Family-Photographer_37 Family-Photographer_11

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