Wedding Photography At The Veterans Memorial Park

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful wedding at the Veterans Memorial Park in Oldsmar. What a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple, on a beautiful Florida afternoon.

By the way – have I expressed how much I love and adore outdoor weddings? Because I do! Especially when we live in such a beautiful place. You literally could probably never go wrong here. Park, beach, back yard… An outdoor wedding, anywhere, is just my thing. Why? Because the lighting is usually a billion times better and better lighting means better photos!

Now let’s talk about this wedding. Get ready to see a gorgeous set up by JD3 Weddings & Events. This is my third wedding with her and I’ve loved each one of her setups. They are soo beautiful! Each little detail is placed exactly at the right spot, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere.

Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think of this beautiful Veterans Memorial Park wedding! Oh wait! Before you see the photos, I do want to mention the following…

This was a one hour ceremony coverage package. This is one of my packages that I am so happy to offer! In just one hour ll capture anything and everything possible, clicking non stop. This is a great option for anyone who may not be interested in a full day coverage but still wants some beautiful photos. (For those interested – in one hour I was able to capture 186 final edited images!)

So now that you know this, here are some of my favorites!  🙂

Veterans Memorial Park_5Veterans Memorial Park_4

Veterans Memorial Park_2

Veterans Memorial Park_6

Veterans Memorial Park_8

Veterans Memorial Park_10

Veterans Memorial Park_27

Veterans Memorial Park_11

Veterans Memorial Park_37

Veterans Memorial Park_12

Veterans Memorial Park_13 Veterans Memorial Park_14 Veterans Memorial Park_15 Veterans Memorial Park_16 Veterans Memorial Park_17 Veterans Memorial Park_19

Veterans Memorial Park_34

Veterans Memorial Park_20

Veterans Memorial Park_36

Veterans Memorial Park_21

Veterans Memorial Park_23 Veterans Memorial Park_24 Veterans Memorial Park_25

Veterans Memorial Park_30

Veterans Memorial Park_35

Veterans Memorial Park_38

So what did you think of this Veterans Memorial Park wedding? The couple was so adorable, right? I particularly loved how the groom was so willing to take my suggestions for a few romantic shots!

Being able to create memories like these makes my day!

If you or someone you know is getting married, let’s talk! Even if the wedding is not taking place at an outdoor venue because I do also capture indoor or indoor/outdoor weddings.

You can reach me via email at or by phone call or text message at 707-706-3711.

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